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Bodied by Shannon

Intuitive Coaching Session

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These sessions can become very intimate.  Some of the things that may come up are very personal in nature.  I will not take you somewhere you're not ready to go.  Meaning, I may ask a question and  your answer will determine if we talk about it.  Just because I don't say it to you, doesn't mean I didn't receive it.  Some things are none of my business... until YOU speak on them.
Each reader has their own methods and style.  My methods aren't like others.  We're just two friends that haven't met!  No need to be nervous.  We will go as in-depth as possible.  I ask hard questions.  You may not like me after the session.  But I am not here to be liked.
My roots are in Christianity, and I am an Ordained Minister.  While I am spiritual, I am no longer religious.  I don't believe we can put God/Spirit in a box.  God presents themself in different ways to each of us.  It's not my place to decide which way is the 'right way' to hear from God.  I respect all spiritual/religious beliefs, and I'm willing to learn! 
I'd like to consider myself the "bridge" between God, you, and your ancestors when you are unable to hear for whatever reasons. 

**These session are NOT meant to take the place of medical or psychological treatment or therapy.


  • 1 'Yes or No' question - Prepare your question.  And have it text ready.  This MUST be a question with a 'yes' or 'no' answer.  This question can be email or text.  You will get a "yes" or "no" with a brief explanation.
  • 1 question with detail (text or email) - I may ask for additional information to answer this question.  It will be answered with as much detail as possible.  This read can be email or text, I prefer email here as I can type more quicker to get you your answer as soon as possible.
  • 30 Minute General Read - There is a maximum of 3 questions for this read so that we can be as thorough as possible with this short amount of time. 

  • 60 minute Read - We go deep!  There may be times where ancestors come though to confirm or give guidance. There is no limit to questions, but I ask that we be mindful of how many questions are asked. Please be prepared with a few questions you'd like answered.  The first 10-15 minutes will be a quick general read so we can "connect".

** When scheduling, provide the phone number you wish to be contacted on.  If I am unable to reach you, your read will be cancelled after 15 minutes and you will receive a partial (50%) refund.

** If you need to cancel, please do so at least 24hrs before scheduled time.  If you cancel the day of, there is a $15 cancellation fee.


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