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Intuitive Coaching Session

Intuitive Coaching Session

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These sessions can become very intimate.  Some things may come up that are very personal in nature. Please know I will NEVER share the details of our session with ANYONE.
I will not take you somewhere you're not ready to go.  If something comes up and you're not ready to talk about it, we wont talk about it.  It's none of my business until you decide to share.
We are simply two friends that have just met!  No need to be nervous.  We will go as in-depth as possible.  I ask hard questions.  You may not like me after the session.  But I am not here to be liked.
My roots are in Christianity, and I am an Ordained Minister.  While I am spiritual, I am no longer religious.  I don't believe we can put God/Spirit in a box.  God presents themself in different ways to each of us.  It's not my place to decide which way is the 'right way' to hear from God.  I respect all spiritual/religious beliefs, and am always willing to learn! 
I'd consider myself the "bridge" between you, your ancestors, and God when you are unable to hear for whatever reasons. 


**These session are NOT meant to take the place of medical or psychological treatment or therapy.

** When scheduling, provide the phone number you wish to be contacted on.  If I am unable to reach you, your read will be cancelled after 15 minutes and you will receive a partial (50%) refund.

** If you need to cancel, please do so at least 24hrs before scheduled time.  If you cancel the day of, there is a $15 cancellation fee.


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