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Bodied Botanica

Fragrance Body Soap

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These body soaps smell amazing! Each soap is made with one of our skin safe fragrance oil, but also contain the same skin loving oils as our Herbal Soaps. These soaps have a great lather with wonderful cleansing ability that will not dry out your skin like commercial soaps.
  • Code Black - Notes of bergamot and fresh lemon start this alluring, masculine fragrance. This is our interpretation of Armani's Black Code. We are not affiliated with Armani*
  • Oatmeal & Honey - Raw oats, creamy french vanilla, almond, soy milk and a kiss of honey.
  • Tobacco and Amber - Real tobacco smells nothing like cigarette smoke! It's nice and citrusy, laid on a bed of patchouli and French vanilla bean. This soap is soft, sensual and sure to be loved by men and women!
  • Kool Breeze - a blend of amber, lavender, jasmine, and musk. This is an interpretation of Cool Water by Davidoff. (We are not affiliated with Davidoff)
  • Lemon Lavender - Made with Lemon and Lavender Essential Oils.  It helps to detoxify and clear the skin, reduces excess oil in skin, removes dead skin cells, lightens skin, and may help curb skin inflammation.
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