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Oatmeal Milk & Honey Body Soap

Oatmeal Milk & Honey Body Soap

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Indulge in the classics with our Oatmeal, Milk & Honey soap! It's like a cozy hug for your skin. 🛁💕

🥣 This soap is a comforting blend of creamy oatmeal, sweet milk, and raw honey. The scent? Clean, soft, and oh-so sweet! Plus, it's loaded with colloidal oatmeal, perfect for those cranky, dry, or itchy skin days. 🍂

🍁 A fall must-have, this soap is a one-of-a-kind experience. Don't miss out! 🍂

  • ❌ Sulfate free
  • 🌿 Paraben free
  • 💧 Enriched with natural Shea butter
  • 🌞 High in Vitamin E, D & Vitamin A
  • 🛢️ Ultra-foaming
  • 💦 Highly moisturizing

🌼 Please note, because it's handmade, each soap bar is unique. Your soap may have its own special charm! Enjoy the artisan touch. 🎨✨

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