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The Yoni Box

The Yoni Box

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This box was created with the WOMBman in mind.  This box wasn't just created to 'freshen' and 'rejuvenate' the Flower (yoni), it was created to be a spiritual experience for the user.  A few moments of self care is absolutely necessary. 

I took my time to carefully piece together this box after conversations with many friends.  So many of us are carrying around past traumas, pain, and emotional hurt.  I want this box to be a special experience.  A moment to release some of those things that are holding us back from being our best self.   

The Flower Box includes:

  • 2oz Yoni Steam
  • 4oz Yoni Oil
  • Rose Clay Yoni Soap
  • Relaxaltion Tea
  • 10ml Roller Cramp Relief Oil
  • 3 Yoni Pops: ** DO NOT TAKE BY MOUTH** 
  • 1 Rose Quartz Yoni Egg


Small Yoni Kit:

  • 4oz Yoni Oil
  • 1oz Yoni Steam
  • 1 Yoni Soap
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